Welcome to Bay Area Gurukul

EZ Learning  EZ Learning Center, All-Inclusive Programs
  • TK-Gr8
  • Individual Attention
  • Homework Help
  • Common Core English & Math
  • STEAM Program/Curriculum
  • Low student to teacher Ratio
  • Chromebook access
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Student pickup Service

EZ learning center is one of the biggest facility center in bayarea for after-school programs. Rather than focusing on speed and perfection, our philosophy guides students to take responsibility for their own learning goals, structure their own study time, and take advantage of a variety of resources. With our extremely long-term vision, we nurture children so they will be accountable and resourceful in high school, college and beyond, where they must produce relevant knowledge, not fill in the blanks.

To have a tour of EZ Learning center call at 408-599-7987 or email at info@bayareagurukul.com Tour will be available by appointment only.

After school registration form can be downloaded from HERE.