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Parent Testimonials


Paul Thienprasit, Parents of William at EZ Learning Center

Ms. Hiral has a real passion to see her students grow and succeed, and so rare in today’s fast paced culture. She will take the necessary time to help them reach their full potential. William has blossomed under her care and looking forward to each class. Thank you for instilling him with the joy of learning. This will serve him well throughout his school years

Nicolas Corat, Parents of Iris

Swati works very well with children. Even though my daughter tires easily, she manages to motivate her to dance for the whole duration of the class. Not any easy feet. Iris is always happy after her dance class. Keep of the good work!

Anand & Richa, Milpitas Parents of Anvita

Swati’s class was really fantastic for pre-school age children. She made an effort to connect to the bids and made them enjoy the music & dance. Her steps were fun & perfect for this age group. The children also learn how to participate in a group settings. Highly recommended!

N Sharma

Our five year old son has been learning drawing with Poonam Gala for over a year now. Poonam is a very patient and loving teacher. Our son looks forward to art class every week. Under Poonam’s guidance, our son has learnt to complete drawing assignments on-hand patiently and with focus. He has also learnt techniques like blending, free hand drawing and more. We highly recommend her!


Swati did a “great” job of teaching the starting steps for the kids. I recommend that the city continues these classes going forward.


My 5 year old son has been going for art classes for over a year now and he absolutely loves it. His drawing skills have improved a lot since he joined the class. Also Poonam is a great and loving teacher and kids love to go to her class..

Riddhi , Milpitas Parents of Shiven

My son Shiven is at Daystar Montessori where he attends the art class. He loves the class and talks about what he did. I would be awesome to get a little note from the teacher on what was done that day or month. Since he is happy and enjoying I am ok with it.