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EZ learning center is one of the biggest facility centers in a bay area for after-school programs. Instead of solely focusing on speed and perfection, our philosophy is to encourage kids to take responsibility for their own learning goals, become active participants in their lessons through experience and exploration, and take full advantage of the variety of resources at their disposal.

Aligned to our long-term vision, we nurture kids and provide opportunities for involvement in programs, make new friends and help them become more responsible, accountable, and independent which aids in their growth and prepares them for high school, college, and beyond, were adapting to the change, new environment, making new friends & exploring new skills or fun games is another exciting day in the life.

We offer a program from TK-Gr6. Our Facility has a Security camera installed in each room. We provide a safe environment for the children from the time we pick them up from school until the parents pick them up. Safe transportation, healthy snacks, homework help also include the STEAM Program/curriculum, tutoring, enrichment classes, and the safe indoor play area.

We focus on all areas and especially homework. Kids finish their homework so parents can spend time with their children when they are at home. Children are getting homework help and we respect each child as an individual; therefore, teaching methods, approaches, and instruction are to the child’s unique learning needs. To meet this goal, our center maintains a low teacher/child ratio. We know that each child has a unique set of skills, learning abilities, and needs. We encourage our students to pursue their curiosities, and we support them in meeting their goals. Children have a playful time at EZ Learning center, they don’t want to go home even if we are closing. We provide special enrichment classes, which are included in the kid's daily schedule where the child learns about science and critical thinking.

EZ Learning is open during school’s minimum days, school holidays, spring, and winter break. We are closed on national holidays and corporate holidays.

What We Offer

Preschool Classes

Drawing class

Kids Yoga


Risu (math & critical thinking )

Lego engineering