1611 South Main Street , Milpitas CA 95035

Mission Vision

Our Mission

We believe all children should realize their potential to transform the world.

Our Vision

To inspire and prepare our young people to be the leaders of tomorrow, in order to better themselves and their community through a combination of training, practice, and service. They will achieve greater global awareness and appreciate how their leadership role can enhance their lives, and the lives of those around them. We believe that each child is unique and has some talent which can be used in a lifetime. But that talent has to be brought forward and integrated with the personality. We are committed for creating a positive and stimulating environment in which children learn to love and appreciate their skills, and are inspired to achieve their personal best

Our ambitious vision and core beliefs mean our team of staff and volunteers must act as role models, treating children as we would like to be treated. Through weekly meetings, mini-workshops, educational book clubs, and informal check-ins, our team keeps the lines of communication open. Our low student to staff ratio means we are never too busy to take a moment with a child to hear about a recent struggle, complaint, or frustration, and offer our suggestions for improvement. Our tight-knit staff may have diverse talents and very different personalities, but we diligently maintain a unified behavioral philosophy so that we treat children consistently.

Our team recognizes the importance of keeping the lines of communication open with families. EZ hopes to communicate successes through our weekly ‘Accolades’ , and informal chats during pick-up time.